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Township Management

As a key FM leader with “heartware”, CPG FM professionals do their part in managing Singapore’s Town Councils. We work closely with our clients and our residents, offering customised township management services that take into consideration how our residents want to live, today and tomorrow. We always engage residents; learning from and sharing our expertise with them. We know first-hand how residents want to thrive in clean, comfortable and safe environments.

Case Study - Quick Fixes for Young Residents' Needs

In a large residential estate with 50,000 residences, commercial units and hawkers stalls, we had to find a novel way to engage with young families while quickly responding to their needs. After studying the lifestyles of these residents, our team worked on using smartphones as a channel of communication with these app-savvy residents.

We launched an app for residents to easily snap pictures and report routine maintenance or cleanliness matters to us. Within months, we had more than 600 downloads of the app and received close to 400 reports for our FM teams to act on.

Through this creative use of technology, our team was able to fast track the processing of maintenance and cleanliness reports, quickly and effectively rectify the issues and ensured the estate remains clean, comfortable and safe for families.

Our key township management services include the following:
  • Property Management
  • Financial Management
  • Cyclical Maintenance Works
  • Town Improvement & Upgrading Works
  • Essential Maintenance & Lift Rescue Services
  • Contracts & Projects Management