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As an experienced Facility Management leader, CPG FM always seek to partner with our clients to align their facilities management services with their business objectives. We share your aspirations and have the ability to take you from strategy, planning and execution to achieve the desired outcomes for your business. We would be happy to share our knowledge and expertise to enable our clients to get the best out of their facility.

Case Study

Buildings designed and built to meet the Green Mark is key in today’s environmentally-conscious and sustainability-focused societies.

CPG FM helps institutions in obtaining their Green Mark Certification. We have both Green Mark Managers (who help to obtain Green Mark Certifications for buildings during its design and construction stage) as well as Green Mark Facilities Managers (who help to obtain Green Mark Certification for existing buildings).

CPG FM was involved in the design of a green building, helping to ensure that the maintainability and sustainability elements of that building are practical and achievable. We were also requested to demonstrate how we can meet audits on Green FM through our facility management (FM) methodology and capabilities.

With years of invaluable experience and good track record of managing public and private facilities, CPG FM’s certified professionals were able to offer strategic advice on the management and operations of green buildings to construction and civil engineering contractors.

Our wide range of Consultancy services include the following:
  • FM contracting model including strategy, policy and procedures
  • Facilities Management Procurement and Cost Consultancy
  • Asset Management Service including life cycle management
  • Management of Operations and Processes
  • Facilities Management training and competency build up
  • Advisory on Maintainability of buildings during design stage
  • Systems and procedures based on building type and profile
  • Smart Facilities Management and Technology
  • Energy Management and Green Mark Assessment
  • Technical Due Diligence and Audits