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Community Sparks

CPG FM has the capability to transform our clients’ event spaces into vibrant, community-centric spaces conducive for both commercial and social objectives. Our hardworking and creative team of professionals work closely with clients, along with a vast network of commercial partners, government agencies, and non-government organisations in curating a wide range of quality events to achieve our clients’ desired outcomes through effective community engagement. Besides engaging communities, our versatile team is also capable of providing a comprehensive service of planning, execution, on-site management and content creation for corporate functions, product launches and branding campaigns. These value-added services are an essential step further for our clients who are keen on making more effective use of spaces as a source of revenue, to increase footfall, to deepen engagement with residents and businesses, and to create unique experiences while meeting their corporate objectives. Through our vast experience in Event Management, we have also successfully built a large network of both commercial and community partners for future collaborations on events of any nature and scale.


When Oasis Terraces first opened to the public, the multi-storey complex was relatively calm and was only frequented by residents if they had specific needs such as to pick up the week’s groceries or visit the doctor for their ailments.

CPG FM wanted to turn this suburban mall into a thriving hub for residents to meet, play, dine and exercise. The team worked closely with the client to create and manage various community engagement events such as “Kids Day Out @ Oasis Terraces” during the June 2018 holidays in which 900 families participated and a full day National Day Carnival where about 3,500 residents participated to mark Singapore’s 53rd birthday with games, food, photo-booths, performances and fringe activities along with mass pledge recitals and singing of the national anthem.

All these events were communicated to residents in the surrounding neighbourhood through various channels including the Oasis Terraces Facebook Page created and managed by CPG FM. Footfall to the once quiet oasis has greatly increased keeping the various businesses in the mall very busy!

Our present and planned services include:
  • Leasing and Management of Commercial Event Spaces
  • Comprehensive Event Management from planning, execution, on-site management and content creation
  • Publicity outreach for events including social media engagement and management
  • Planning and organisation of various corporate or social conferences and events