Contact Centre

Established in 1999, CPG FM Contact Centre offers omnichannel customer service support for both private and public sectors. We focus on bridging our customers’ relationships and make outsourcing solutions easy. Our contact centre adapts to the changing needs in the environment by offering tailored services to our customers.

Our people work in a positive environment where mutual respect for co-workers is resonated. We go above and beyond the call in providing a seamless experience for customers by building a good rapport and communicate in a friendly and approachable manner. Our dynamic team works in great synergy to ensure delivery of service excellence to our customers. We believe that customer support is not just a service but an attitude.

Case Study - Professional First-Line Responders in any Situation

CPG FM’s Contact Centre is often the first respondent to a wide range of service requests, including restoration of essential services, educating members of the public on the importance of park and greenery preservation, as well as providing facility support to educational institutions. All of our call executives are professionally trained in providing accurate information to callers, and we advise and work together with callers to best address their enquiries.

Our key call centre services include the following:
  • Comprehensive Monitoring of Mechanical & Electrical statuses, includes the monitoring of lifts, fire alarm systems, sanitation pumps, electrical works, AHU, chillers, etc.
  • Logging and managing feedback or queries from users or members of the public about buildings or spaces under management, and activating appropriate service teams to attend to situations, if necessary.