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Our People Transform Buildings and Spaces

Throughout Singapore, Asia and the Middle East, CPG FM professionals and our partners transform more than 1,000 buildings, structures and spaces into high-functioning, comfortable spaces for people to live, work, learn and play.

If you’re keen to work in a forward-looking, progressive and people-centric company, join us! We’re looking for professionals in various disciplines, such as mechanical & electrical, civil and structural engineering, architectural, quantity surveying, project management as well as information technology and information communication. Together, we can create liveable spaces for communities to thrive in.

Facilities Management | CPG

our culture and values

We pride ourselves on our company culture based upon our core values.
Consider if we are a fit for you.

We are fiercely committed to our values:
  • Service Excellence

    By providing the highest levels of service to our clients

  • Caring Culture

    By nurturing a warm environment of mutual trust, respect and responsibility within the company

  • Agility and Enterprise

    By being swift, highly adaptable and creative in our mindsets to lead and excel for our clients and users

  • Learning and Innovative Spirit

    We don’t stop learning; in fact, we always seek to acquire and apply our new skills and knowledge to create and deliver the best solutions

We thrive in a culture of shared experiences and continuous learning, constantly looking ahead to exceed expectations and delivering the most complete, applicable and progressive solutions to clients and users.

Strong Culture Of Shared Experiences

Our company's key mission is to meet the varied needs of our clients with our high standards of service. To this end, we invest our time and effort to equip our employees with the skills and tools to deliver the best solutions to clients and users.

We welcome professionals from diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences as we believe that we can learn much from each other and create great spaces together.

Your Career Starts Here

Committed to creating opportunity and equal employment for everyone, we welcome professionals from diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences as we believe we can learn from each other and create great spaces together.

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Our Employees

Facilities Management | CPG

“At CPG FM, we picked up technical skills that cannot be learnt from textbooks, grew from our experience on-site, and received valuable advice from our mentors and colleagues.”

-Jeffery Lum & Samuel Chua, Technical Executives, CPG FM

Facilities Management | CPG

“As an industry mentor at CPG FM, guiding and grooming fellow colleagues and interns has been one of the best highlights of this year. I look forward to working with more of them in the future!”

-Phoebe Ong, Vice President, CPG FM

Facilities Management | CPG

“There are two sides to property management: managing tenants’ requirements, and managing buildings’ maintenance. I found myself enjoying opportunities to work with communities first-hand, and am proud to bring practicality in design to meet their needs.”

-Eddie Ruyden, Senior Property Officer, CPG FM

We are an equal opportunity employer, big on training and development for our employees, and are highly supportive of fresh and creative ideas. If you’re looking to be part of a progressive leader in the FM industry, join us.