Our Expertise

Call Centre Case Studies

Client: Town Councils

Services: Comprehensive monitoring of Mechanical  and Engineering status such as lift, sanitary pump, electrical works on 24-hour basis.

Challenges: To mobilise and dispatch lift rescue service team on site immediately when the call for help comes in. As a standard operating procedure, the rescue team is required to complete their task within 25 minutes from the time they receive the call.

Solutions: To ensure our technicians arrive on site within the required time, CPG FM has a group of operations staff who will provide back-end support to advise ground staff on details such as traffic conditions, weather conditions, directions to get to the locations, and to provide logistics support etc. The back-end supervisors and managers will also intervene on critical issues to ensure that tasks are carried out correctly. This two-way communication is a measure to prevent any delay in the response time due to miscommunication among staff, ensuring that the tasks are attended to swiftly and effectively.