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“My working experience in CPG FM has been a fulfilling one. I am especially appreciative to my superiors and colleagues who helped me in moving up the corporate ladder. With their guidance and support, I was promoted from a Technical Executive to a Building Manager throughout my ten years of career with CPG FM. It shows that the management recognises the staff’s hard work and that motivates me from striving better in my career here.

Furthermore, what makes CPG FM different from other organisations is its culture of sharing and helping one another. The superior and subordinate relationship is almost non-existent in CPG FM as everyone behaves like one big family who’s ever ready to help.”, says Mr Lim Hoe Theng Jeffrey, Building Manager, Security and Commercial Division.

“I have been working with CPG FM for about 15 months now. As a relatively new staff, I was given the opportunity to learn and strengthen my knowledge through attending training and courses. That was helpful in my execution of tasks and meeting the needs of my clients.

Our fellow colleagues are always helpful and cheerful as well as knowledgeable in their areas of work. My bosses will also not hesitate to guide and help their staff in resolving their work problems.

In all, CPG FM is an organisation where you can grow and develop a long-term career.”, says Mr Cheong Joe Choy, Resident Technical Officer, Sensitive Projects Division.